Download Voice Recorder & Audio Recorder, Sound Recording APP

Do you want to record your voice clearly?

What kind of difficulties faced you when recording your voice?

Are you wishing to become voice over one day?

Download Voice Recorder & Audio Recorder, Sound Recording APP

Voice Recorder & Audio Recorder, Sound Recording APP helps you record high quality voice as you were professional, you can record videos, lectures, or your business meetings anytime by one touch.

Get perfect quality recorded sounds, and songs, then control it as you want with any edit.


Main Features

  • Allow recording files share via Bluetooth, Gmail, or Drive.
  • Shortcut for fast recording.
  • Use it simply.
  • Control recording videos’ speed, and repeat.
  • Samsung voice recorder.
  • Custom bitrate can vary from 32 to 320 kbps when audio recorder high quality.
  • Allow using Bluetooth mic.
  • Control your recording setting edit, delete, and share.
  • Several options available as stereo, silent skip, volume boost, custom bitrare, and more.
  • Record songs with music, or cut it.
  • High quality Karaoke recording.
  • Record sound with mp3 format in high quality.
  • High quality audio recording.
  • Very good quality sound recording.
  • Record without any noise, as it reduce noise to zero.
  • Enhanced micro to raise recorded volume.
  • Record in background, with screen off.
  • Allow cut audio files easily.
  • Phone conversation recording allowed.
  • Record with playing music.
  • Convert recorded audio to mp3.
  • Use it as ringtone, notification sound, or alarm.
  • When having call you can pause recording easily.
  • Several interfaces.
  • Save recording files.
  • Arrange records as you want by name, size, or time.
  • Record as much you want without any time limit.
  • Used by students to record lectures with clear sound no matter  how far the teacher is!!
  • Allow different sound formats.
  • Used for business meetings in most professional way.
  • Used by musicians in rehearsal and audio-visual sessions.
  • Free to use anytime.

Additional Information

Name:   Voice Recorder & Audio Recorder, Sound Recording

Version:   1.0.9-armv7

Size:   5.06 MB

Installs:  500,000+

Developed By:   AIO Studio (Best Apps For Mobile)

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We hope that this app will be a real addition to you and meet all your needs. We appreciate your comments and suggestions.

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