Download VIPole Private Messenger APP

What is your favorite chat APP?

How much time do you spend chatting?

Download VIPole Private Messenger APP

VIPole Private Messenger APP is the most secure chat APP you could use, you can use it with friends, or for work to send messages, videos, and even for international calls.

Enjoy connecting with friends, and finishing your work on time with one simple APP.

Main Features

  • Most secure audio, and video calls.
  • Allow voice tone change on calls .
  • Make group calls to 9 members, and conference calls.
  • Share any files types, and photos easily, and safely.
  • Complete message edit control like delete.
  • History for all messages.
  • Without any advertisements.
  • Complete control on contact list to decide who to see first!.
  • Make black list, or hidden contacts if you need.
  • Manage all your account’s passwords in most secure way.
  • Encrypted messages.
  • Encrypted notes to save all you notes.
  • Log out automatically or after definite time as you determine to save your conversations.
  • Most clear international calls.
  • Work with most devices as Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, iOS and of course Android.
  • Free to use.

Additional Information

Name:   VIPole Private Messenger

Version:   1.8.91

Size:   21.71 MB

Installs:   500,000+ downloads

Developed By:  VIPole International

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We hope that this app will be a real addition to you and meet all your needs. We appreciate your comments and suggestions.

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