Download System App Uninstaller (Root) APP

Are there unwanted APPs on your mobile?

Do you face problems in removing system APP?

Download System App Uninstaller (Root) APP

System App Uninstaller (Root) APP helps get rid of all undesirable APPs in minutes, also you can use it to switch APPs from normal to system APPs, and from system to normal APPs.

The most effective APP that could help you managing your APPS.

Main Features

  • Remove any installed APPs .
  • Nice design use it easily.
  • Freeze APP to stop it’s working.
  • Allow any APP service by enable, or disable.
  • App back up to SD card.
  • Switch APP from normal to system APP and opposite.
  • Control APP files with complete options add, edit, delete, and duplicate.
  • Show all APP information with details.
  • Filter according to installed, or system.
  • Arrange by several modes as name, size, or time.
  • Password to lock the APP.
  •  Several themes to choose from.
  • Free.

Additional Information

Name:   System App Uninstaller (Root)

Version:   1.2.8

Size:   3.14 MB

Installs:   500,000+ downloads

Developed By:   KunKunSoft

Download Link here

We hope that this app will be a real addition to you and meet all your needs. We appreciate your comments and suggestions.

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