Download Memorize Quran APP

How many time do you spend reading quran?

Don’t  you have time to revise quran?

Download Memorize Quran APP

Memorize Quran APP helps you revise your Quran daily, no matter how time do you have! you will be able to listen to ayat, and repeat them in a single way, or repeat the whole surah.

Make memorization more interesting, and keep Quran in your memory forever.

Main Features

  • Memorization for all ayat.
  • Choose ayat range for memorization.
  • Ayat repeating singly.
  • Make delay between ayats.
  • Surah repeating.
  • Special Page/features targeted for revision needs.
  • Free.
  • Easy to use.

Additional Information

Name:   Memorize Quran

Version:  4.9.4

Size:   6.21 MB

Installs:   100,000+ downloads

Developed By:   Divine Companion Inc.

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We hope that this app will be a real addition to you and meet all your needs. We appreciate your comments and suggestions.

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